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two users with the same e-mail

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20 December 2010, 9:18

I found this by accident. I register a user and the message was delayed, again decided fill the registration form and now I have two emails for registration. I open an email and continued with the registration process, so good. I open the second, try with the same user name and displays the error message (the username is already registered) try with another username and approves the system. Now I have two user with same email account

Friends how corrects this

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20 December 2010, 10:31

Hi Sergio,

When an email is already in use with an existing account you will not be able to register with the same one but when an email is linked with a user_registration record waiting for the registration process to complete it doesn't appear to be checking for duplicates here.  Hence why the second email is being sent out as well but then after the registration via the first reporting an error with usernames.

So, it sounds like this may be a bug.  I can replicate it on my development branch of 1.3.4dev and 1.4.0dev.

There might be a reason for this being this way though as allowing the user to be sent a new email if the initial one didn't get through would be useful for a few reasons.  But I have created a bug request anyway so someone can look at it and see if something needs to be done to improve the process.

Thanks for this!


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