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Feedback on Mahara 1.4 test 1

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22 December 2010, 23:47

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  Francois & I talked to Richard after we'd all read James' post.  We're moving all the artefact stuff (profile, resume, blogs, files, plans) under a 'Content' menu, and changing 'view' to 'page' and 'blog' to 'journal'.

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05 January 2011, 9:31

I've just taken a look at this and I think the new structure is a big improvement. It helps to reinforce the distinction between the content created and the display of that content in Pages. I believe that's the central thing for new users to grasp.

I do still find the distinction between Profile and the Profile Page potentially confusing. I think this is partly due to the Profile title. With this title, the implication is that the content here is what will be on view in a user's public profile. Perhaps it should be called Personal Information instead?

The image gallery options are great, particularly the ability to point to a folder of images. Will there be further refinements - e.g. alignment options for the thumbnails, auto-playback option for the slideshow? If not I may look at doing some tweaks myself.


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