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Links and Resources on All Site pages

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16 December 2010, 11:03

I'd like Links and Resources to appear on all pages. Can someone provide insight?

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20 December 2010, 11:24

Pre login Links and Resources menu available

Post login Links and Resources menu available

Detail View of View Links and Resources menu no longer available
Code added to view.tpl template  {include file="sidebar.tpl" blocks=$SIDEBLOCKS.right}

sidebar.tpl contains

<div id="secondaryLeft">
          <div id="search">
          {include file="header/topright.tpl"}
{foreach from=$blocks item=sideblock}
        {counter name="sidebar" assign=sequence}
            {if $} id="{$|escape}"
            class="sideblock sideblock-{$sequence}">
            {include file="sideblocks/`$`.tpl" sbdata=$}


Can anybody provide any documentation on the sideblocks and how the links and resources menu appears?

I'd like the detail view of a view to still contain all the definitions listed in the links and resources menu.

If you are interested in seeing what I have so far.

Although this look and feel is good enough for a soft launch we are experiencing some issues with the site at lower resolutions. So I'm switching all sideblocks to the left.

But the one issue remaining is the fact that that only certain sideblocks appear within certain contexts?

As previously stated a simple point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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