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Location of Uploaded file image / video on Mahara 1.3.3

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03 December 2010, 1:12

Hi all,

I have Mahara 1.3.3 installed on Ubuntu 10.04 server. Some of my user upload their file via Views or Blogs. But I can't see the file. I only see the broken icon there.

If I click on it, Mahara show me the properties of the image. So I can see the file name. If I click details link, I can see other information about the file.

But if I click Download link, Mahara shows me Access Denied page. This symptoms also happen to video files.

FYI, I put www-data user as owner of the maharadata folder and all folder inside it.

Where is the location of uploaded files? I just want to make sure myself that my users are success in uploading files.

Please help.

Thank you.

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