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Delete account, force membership

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26 November 2010, 6:53


I have just upgraded mahara to 1.3.3. I have some issue, thank your for helping me.

1) Now that I have 400+ students in no institution, I want to move them in a institution I created. But I can't force them to go in the institution, I would like them to go there, without asking them. How can I do that?

2) If I am not in a institution, I can delete my account in the account page. But when I am in a institution, I cannot ! Why is that ? I would like people to have the liberty of deleting their own account.

3) I created a institution with only a LDAP authentification system. There are 400+ users in no institution with internal authentification system. I would like them to use the LDAP authentification now. It means that their login and password have to change to the ones in the LDAP server. Is it possible?

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26 November 2010, 9:16

1. You can do that on one-by-one basis in user account settings. There is currently no way of bulk adding existing users to particular institution (without inviting). Though if you are handy with SQL, you may do that a bulk way, having added corresponding records to usr_institution table.

2. If, in Institution settings, the "Registration allowed" is unticked, some restrictions are imposed, in particular, users can't delete themselves.

3. You can change authentication method through user account settings, but this will only work if LDAP and internal usernames are the same. Again, if you are handy with SQL, you can amend username and auth method the bulk way.

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27 November 2010, 10:46

Thank you for you answer.

I guess I will have to let people in no institution, it's not a big deal. I ticked registration allowed and people can now delete their account. Thank you again.

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