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Mahara: Site unavailable

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23 November 2010, 19:19

Hi Ya'll!  I know that there has been many posts on this subject.  My problem is is that I tried to install Mahara and I didn't read the installation instructions before I did it.  SO I did not set up a database before I tried to install it.  Now when you go to my site it looks like this-

Mahara: Site unavailable

Mahara could not connect to the application database.

* If you are using Mahara, please wait a minute and try again
* If you are the administrator, please check your database settings and make sure your database is available

The error received was:
mysql error: [1045: Access denied for user.....


What do I need to do to fix this?  I do not wish to install Mahara now so I just want to clear this off of my site. 


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24 November 2010, 3:46

Hi Ree,

You need first to setup database as described here:

Generally, just follow the manual with further steps, having skipped "Apache config", as I guess it this sept has been done as you can access your mahara intance from the browser.

You will need to create a data directory for Mahara, then you will have to create a config file named config.php having copied config-dist.php where you have to specify database credentials, after that try accessing your mahara site again, it should prompt you with installation screens.

Do not forget to set up cronjobs once the mahara is installed and works.

Good luck!

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13 December 2010, 2:08

I do not wish to install this.  I want everything cleared from this site.  How do I do that?  If I didn't create a database before I started where is everything being saved to? 

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