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What is the point in groups?

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12 February 2009, 22:32

 I checked demo groups and it have nothing - neither news from administrator nor blog for user. So what is the point to join groups? Are there any modules for that?
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13 February 2009, 0:02

Hi - indeed in Mahara 1.0, groups are not too interesting. They do have forums, which you can navigate to via the menu on the right, but not much else.

This forum is in a Mahara 1.1 group, which is a bit more interesting - Groups can have Views and their own files in Mahara 1.1

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13 February 2009, 1:40

So is it going to be in the next release? Cause the current version is 1.0.9..
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13 February 2009, 2:54


yes, the special  group functions will work with Mahara 1.1

cheers Heinz 

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15 February 2009, 16:05

Hi Yevgen,

Just to go back to your original question, I have been using the group functionalitly with the students to develop a community of practice that runs alongside the students individual portfolio development. The students are encouraged to share aspects of their individual portfolio with the group using the view tool for group discussion or information.

Our students are training to be teachers and they found it really useful to share with their peers resources and ideas that worked well for them or to get input from their peers to help develop ideas.

Here is a link to Helen Barretts article, "Balancing the two faces of ePortfolios" which is still under construction.  I hope this is useful!


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