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Mahara in Vocational Education

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09 November 2010, 5:00

We consider using Mahara in schools for Vocational Education
We are looking for members who use Mahara in Vocational Education and who want to share some of their experiences with us.
Things like:

  • In what way has the use of Mahara added value.
  • Do's and dont's.
  • etc..
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09 November 2010, 9:26

Hello Johan

I used the first versions of Mahara (1.1) for a pilot project at Carnegie College (Sotland)  with vocactional courses in child care.

The feedback was, as whole, very positive as learners understood the concept of electronic portfolio as a platform to keep their work organised and to submit it for assessment.  Incidentally, I have to say that the targeted group was young women aged 17-25. The main suggestions from learners refered to layouts and theme (very static and without the possibility of personalize them).

On the other hand, guidance tutors complained that the only way of knowing what their group of studients were doing-before submitting anything- was limpersonating ("logging as") students, which was time consuming.


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