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Default institution - deleting users

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24 October 2010, 3:40

I am "cleaning" unused Mahara accounts but have a problem with the default institution. This default institution does not show in the list where  you can select the institutions to do bulk user delete. I have about 100 users in the default institution and have to delete them manually one by one....  I cannot imagine that this is standard usage?! HELP please!


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25 October 2010, 6:58

Hi Sigi,

As far as I'm aware, Mahara doesn't do bulk user deletion at all - let alone for the default institution. I assume therefore that you mean that you're adding/removing users from a specific institution using the Admin -> Institutions -> Institution Members page.

When a user is not a member of any institution, then they are listed against the institution 'No Institution'. Since they're not in an institution, they can't be removed further.

If you're trying to actually fully remove users from your mahara installation then, from the Admin -> Users -> User Search page, you can filter by the 'Institution' column.
This should leave you with a list of all users not assigned an institution.

I hope that this clarifies things,


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25 October 2010, 18:12

Hi Andrew,

thanks for your reply. What I meant with bulk delete was that in the institution user list I can remove multiple users and then delete them - which is quite fast. The Non-Institution members can be displayed as you told me  but this is what I was trying to explain- you will then have to remove them one by one!!!!! There doesn't seem to exist another possibility- maybe I should file a request...


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