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23 October 2010, 11:12



I'd like to make the user Profile page:


the default home page following login, making users Profile page  as the primary entry point into Mahara.





24 October 2010, 3:59


It is still worth to modify Mahara core to achieve your goal when we have the new Dashboard feature in 1.3 ?

I think that Dashboard can do what you wanted to do with having the profile page as the home page. Have you already had a try?

Happy to read back from you.


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25 October 2010, 4:01

Hi JW,

You don't indicate what version of mahara you're running. As Dominique suggests, if you're running version 1.3 of Mahara, the Dashboard view is probably more or less what you're after.

Whilst this is not the user's profile page, it gives them more flexibility as they may not want to have the same items on their dashboard as they have on their profile page.

Hope that this helps,


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