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Blog post dates not updated

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19 October 2010, 8:38

A number of staff here want their students to submit blog posts for assessment. They do this by adding the post(s) to a view and submitting this to a group, at which point the view is frozen.

However we have discovered that not only can the students edit those blog posts after the submission date, but also that the date stamp on the blog post remains at the original posting date.

So the student creates a post on 6th Oct, submits it (so freezing the view) on 7th, and then edits it on the 8th (after the assignment deadline).  The date stamp on the post is stuck at 6th so the member of staff has no way of knowing that the student continued to edit the blog post after submission. 

Is there a fix for this?

Fiona Strawbridge, UCL

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19 October 2010, 16:03

Hi Fiona,

In 1.3 users are prevented from editing posts that appear in submitted views.  However, the 'posted on ...' string still shows the date the post was created, rather than the date it was last edited.

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