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Wiki so slow...

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10 February 2009, 6:03 AM


I have noticed that, in the last weeks, accessing the documentation Wiki  has become so painfully slow...

 Has the wiki being moved to a different server? It used  to work pretty fast before the revamping of the Mahara site.





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10 February 2009, 10:19 AM


You're right the new wiki is slow... it's a combination of the wiki engine itself and probably being hosted on a server in NZ isn't helping either - the last point I believe Catalyst is working towards fixing sometime soon - at least having (or on a server in the states or somewhere else will make it a bit better :)

By the way, depending on where exactly you are, the situation is particularly bad *today* - I'm in Zürich and there's a machine between me and NZ dropping packets like crazy - same for some people in the UK I talked to.

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10 February 2009, 4:04 PM

Furthermore, it's being hosted on a machine very under-specced for the job. Various artifical (read annoying, sometimes political) barriers have been thrown up that is making it difficult for me to move it elsewhere Frown

Currently, there's discussion about us getting hosting in the States or Canada sometime soon, I've made sure the appropriate people know that we want to move and the wiki there.

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