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Problems with translation files.

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08 October 2010, 22:34

Good evening gentlemen, I followed the article from scratch how to translate from another language to Mahara. I am translating into Portuguese of Brazil. Already concludes almost 50%, but when I enter the site the pages are not translated. I'm using special characters to flash, due to the problem of accents in my language. Some others do not appear translated. The panel's administrator is translatable? Even logging in as user is only in English. Have any secrets or tricks to work to translate correctly? I am using XAMPP as local server to test the translation and learning tool, but I want to put up next week to work on the Internet.
Another thing because when I translate the help pages they appear only NULL, no text. Is there any secret to translate the pages for HELP?

Thank you for your attention ..

M Ricardo Guedes.

PS. I'm using the code br.utf8

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17 October 2010, 19:52

Hi Ricardo,

I haven't used XAMPP so may not be able to help, but pretty much everything should be translatable.

The main exceptions I can think of off the top of my head are the error messages in forms, and the javascript calendar.  These can be translated too, but you need to send us a translation separately until we get around to moving those strings into the language packs.

Have you been able to install and enable one of the other language packs?  That should give you an idea of whether it's a problem with your langpack or something to do with the way you have your Mahara instance set up.


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