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Another problem found in 1.3

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06 October 2010, 3:47

Hello All again,

Running Ubuntu Server 10.04 64 bit, Mahara 1.2 on one server and 1.3.0 on another and encountered another serious problem after upgrading from 1.2.4. One uses MySQL and the other Postgres.

When clicking on a file in a view, instead of downloading it like it used to - it now throws this error:

Mahara: Invalid Parameter

A required parameter is missing or malformed

The 'file' parameter is not an integer

Examples can be found here:

Any ideas? 

Really don't know why the media player was changed to the horribly slow flowplayer either. Really disappointed in that.

Tahnks in advance for your help.



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06 October 2010, 5:22

Hi Mike,

This has been reported as a bug should be fixed for Mahara 1.3.2 - - There's also a suggested fix for it in

Sorry for the issues that you're seeing. Hopefully Mahara 1.3.2 should be out shortly.


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08 October 2010, 4:55

I think this is a slightly different issue to the one covered by #638751 and it hasn't been fixed in 1.3.2.

The URL to the file has the "&" replaced with "%26", and this is what's causing the error described.

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08 October 2010, 19:29

Just tested this one in 1.3.2 and can confirm this bug hasn't been fixed. As Gary says the "&" is now being replaced by "%26" by line 263 in the lib.php

       $url = str_replace('&', '%26', $url); // Flash needs these escaped

Anyone have a quick fix?

PS while we're on this file.

Line 402 looks to have a typo too "coltroller" instead of "controller"

   <param name="coltroller" value="true">

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11 October 2010, 6:22

I didn't realise that the URL was being modified in the same place it was being written out.
A quick fix would be to create a second URL for passing to Flash.

So change line 263 to:
      $url2 = str_replace('&', '%26', $url); // Flash needs these escaped

and 289  to:
      url: "'.$url2.'",

Seems to fix it for me.

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13 October 2010, 5:16

Thanks for the quick fix Gary ;)

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08 March 2011, 8:59

Great - one more bug fixed.

I've made this change to our Mahara - but will it rollout in the next release?

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08 March 2011, 18:09

Yes, it will be in the next stable release (1.3.4).



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