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create users by CSV and country

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29 September 2010, 12:19


If i use a csv file with this header:  username,password,email,firstname,lastname

and data like


i can create user.  However in the profile, the country field is New Zealand, by default.

Not that i have any problems with that, but we don't want every user to have to change this, so i changed the header to;   username,password,email,firstname,lastname,country

with data like

 username,password,email,firstname,lastname,United States

and the profile comes in as "Afganistan".  

If i make country a required field, SOMETIMES i am prompted for a default, but if i load the csv without the header country, it complains and if i put in the header but no "United States" it says that "this is not a valid file although the header is fine"   I tried quotes around "United States" in the data, and i also tried to move to Canada.  No joy (but better beer).

Is there no simple way to override the default setting of "New Zealand" in a CSV user upload?

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29 September 2010, 16:40

Hi Richard,

This is probably caused by us not converting the country names properly using the default site language.

I think it will work if you use the two-letter ISO country codes (us, ca, etc.) in your csv file.


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