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how to set detailed user restrictions

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29 September 2010, 7:42

Hi experts

I lately got the task to set up our fresh installation of Mahara 1.3.1 (Mahara version 1.3.1 (2010083106)) for the use in our company.

Everything worked out quite well so far, until I've detected that regular users are able to delete views of their own group, which have been created by an administrator. They're even able to close their own group out of the mentioned view (which results in the mentioned view being only visible to the user who has changed the access terms - and the admin, of course).

Is there a way to restrict the user's access to a view? Administrators and Staff still should be able to edit the content and layouts as well as delete views, while the regular user's access should be restricted on displaying the views (and using implemented blocks such as downloading files).


I already realized that implementing the needed blocks into the group homepage would avoid the problem so far, but I reckon there should be a better solution.

Besides, the group homepage always shows the chosen blocks aligned to the left one below the other, even if they're spread over the complete width in a 3-row-layout - which looks not as nice as expected. Maybe there's a solution for this as well?


I need to apologize in advance if those questions are unmatched in triviality, I really tried with google and the mahara forums but didn't get any satisfying results by now.

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04 October 2010, 21:57

Hi Gregor

Have you tried this with a course group to see if this prevents members from deleting views.

From memory there are settings in the forums that the administrator can select where topics can be made closed and you can also select the type of user who can create new topics.

I am not sure if this applies to deleting topics as well.



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05 October 2010, 0:53

Hi Craig

Whoa, thanks so much for your help!

As you've assumed, I've created a standard group. Now, having changed this parameter, everything works out perfectly well.

Again, thank you very much :)


Do you, coincidentally, have any idea how to work around the group homepage layout problems mentioned in the initial post? Is it even a "known" issue or am I the only one encountering this?


 Best regards

- Gregor

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05 October 2010, 16:14

Gregor, there are a couple of bug reports about group homepages with multiple column layout:

Yours sounds like the first one, but if it's not, just create a new bug report.

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14 October 2010, 18:29




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