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Error import LEAP2A File : not detected to be a zipfile or XML file

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28 September 2010, 3:30


I cannot import LEAP2A file in my Mahara installation (Mahara version 1.2.3)

I could successfully export my portfolio, but then from the administration site -> Manage User -> Add User, this error message was appeared as i wanted to import the LEAP2A file :

"This file has not been detected to be a zipfile or XML file"

I have choosen to upload the zip file. What was wrong?

Thanks a lot.



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04 October 2010, 22:03

Hi Afrizal

I think I got this message because the zip program was not installed.

Another alternative is that the file type is not being recognised by the browser - the file extension may need to be associated with the correct MIME type.



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