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Blank screen after install

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24 September 2010, 10:14

Been trying to install Mahara for the last few days, but I'm not having much luck.  Prior to entering the database details into the config file, the Mahara site reports a can't-conect-to-database error, as expected. After entering the correct details, the Mahara site shows a blank screen. I'm using the latest code 1.3.1 on a Debian Linux server. The server log show this error:

Call to undefined function spl_autoload_register() in /home/education/ned/public_html/mahara/lib/dwoo/dwoo/dwooAutoload.php on line 12

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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26 September 2010, 21:03

Googling that error tells me it's because your php doesn't have the spl extension.  Something else we need to add to the software requirements.

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