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Latest Views - all?

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22 September 2010, 2:18 AM

I've been looking at the Latest Views blocktype available in the Dashboard view. 1.3.1

I'm surprised that there is no way to access "all" views that I have access to see.  There is not a "More" button in the Latest Views blocktype, or a report type in the Inbox which creates a list of all views a user can see. 

Is this a bug?

If this is new functionality, I'll continue to look at how to develop this capacity by extending the blocktype. 

If I continue along this path, I'll also try to include in that blocktype a line item for each view that describes if I can see the view because it was submitted for assessment, available to a group, to me personally, or the whole site.

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22 September 2010, 9:48 PM

Tim, yeah go ahead and file a bug for that if you like.

There's acually a similar one for the My Views block: - currently neither blocktype has pagination but I think both should. My views shows everything and Latest views cuts the listing off after 5 views.

If you wanted to create a whole new page rather than just changing the block, then you might find it useful to look at the "copy a view" page, which does something similar to what you're after, except it restricts the list to copyable views rather than viewable views.

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