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Institutions - Staff vs. Students

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20 September 2010, 14:30

I have created a Staff Institution and a Student Institution.

My thinking was I could create views in one institution but the other institution would not see it.

What ultimately is the purpose of Institutions?

Is the only way I can do this through groups?



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20 September 2010, 16:02

Hi Chris,
The purpose of institutions is for multi-tenanted Maharas - see as an example. The object is to have pan-institutional learning communities. Groups is the best way to create private groups.


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14 October 2010, 20:22

Hello: I guess there is no way to create a multi-institution site where users in each institution don't have access to each other? (eg by using Search or by seeing who is in the site when they Share a view--either a group view or site view or their own view).  Why do this? From an administration point of view it would be much simpler than installing several instances of Mahara, one for each school. I need to manage several schools (institutions) but some schools may not want their students comingling with students from other schools. (I know, it's not the philosophy behind Mahara but unfortunately, it's the reality that many schools do not want students to interact with those outside their institution for a variety of reasons.)

Any ideas? Thanks.

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17 October 2010, 20:11

Hi Miller,

If you search for 'walled garden', you'll find that the feature you're asking for has been developed already by (part of Lancaster University I think).  We haven't integrated this work into the core Mahara codebase yet, but it is available publicly.

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26 October 2010, 4:40

Hi Miller

As Richard says, we (Lancaster University Network Services Limited) wrote a walled garden feature for Mahara 1.2. We're hoping that it will be included in 1.4.

The git branch is available on at


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15 December 2010, 6:43

Hi Richard/Andrew

Does the LUNS walled garden code work on Mahara version 1.3? Also any news yet on the likelihood of this being built into 1.4?

Many thanks


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15 December 2010, 15:26

Hi Peter,

It's still on the 1.4 wishlist:

and we are hoping to get it done for 1.4. We'll do our best, but we can't promise it will be in there.



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22 December 2010, 19:15

Hi Peter,

We're still hoping to get this into 1.4, but if you have a particular requirement/time pressure, we  (LUNS) can integrate this properly into 1.3.

The core team are hoping to get this into 1.4 but if there is dedicated funding to this task it will inevitably help the speed of implementation. 



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