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Upgrading Mahara to 1.3 from "Mahoodle-System"?

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13 September 2010, 9:54


I wonder if I can upgrade my existing "Mahoodle-System" (Moodle 1.9.x and Mahara 1.2) to Moodle 1.9 with Mahara 1.3.

I have used the instructions from nigel

Is there anything I should consider? Is ist possible to upgrade Mahara to 1.3 without any reconfiguring?

Greetings, Martin

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15 September 2010, 4:14

Hi Martin,

I'd really really really recommend doing a full database backup before you do anything - especially if you're running MySQL.

You shouldn't have any need to reconfigure in any other way, but Mahara 1.3 offers a variety of new features.

If at all possible, try a dry-run of the upgrade on a test setup. You don't need a copy of the dataroot, but you won't get the full picture without it.

Good luck,


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23 September 2010, 15:19

Any news on upgrading to 1.3 in a Mahoodle with Moodle 1.9? I am tempted to try it, but wanted to see if you or anyone has been successful.

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23 September 2010, 17:30

We've done it without a hitch. As said, back-up everything so you have a route back should anything glitch.

SSO etc required no reconfiguring.


BTW - this editor doesn't seem to work on an iPhone - had to paste in my reply

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