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Mahoodle SSO Config script

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12 September 2010, 10:03 PM

Hello all.

Well here I go again with a real newbie questions.  I found a document for an automated SSO config file (  I have uploaded and initiated it (after backing up my entire home directory of course), and so far so good.  However, I am stuck at the point where I am to enter the maharadirroot address.  This is also where I show my true neophyte status. What is, and where will I find the maharadirroot address?  The notes tell me the following:

"if your Mahara install has been dropped into your Moodle webroot, or if it’s in the directory above your moodle webroot it will automatically find it, and display the path in the form on the screen – if not, you will need to know the server path to your mahara install – it’s the same as the $CFG->dirroot you have configured in the Mahara config.php."

Obviously from this post it did not automatically find the maharadirroot for me.  Can someone please tell me what the address is, or what it should look like, or where to find it?

Thank you for your patiences and understanding.

BTW I am on a shared server.  My moodle address is, and my mahara address is

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12 September 2010, 11:34 PM

If you are on a shared server then your diroot will be something like:


If you access your site via FTP you should be able to tell what the path is from there. Ditto for if you are going in via CPanel and its File Manager.

And don't worry about being a newbie!Smile

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13 September 2010, 3:54 PM

Thank you for helping me Steve.

ALthough I am not a total newbie, I have been playing with PC's for almost 25 years now and have played a little with Linux, I still find the Linux/unix jargon gets the better of me.  Nor have I done any programming (although I have always wanted to).

By the time you had replied I had tried every conceivable address and had actually stumbled onto the right one.  However, now that I am past that screen I am again confronted with an error page - "Error: wwwroot not found".  Not sure why this is happening; could be something in the automated script?

The reason I am using this script is that I have finally got my moodle and mahara installations newtorking, but I am confronted with this error message when I try to SSO from moodel to Mahara.

Sorry could not log you in

I realise I still have a few setting wroing somewhere, but where is my real problem.  This is the final step I need to sort, then I am up and running.

Any clues?

Many thanks


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13 September 2010, 7:41 PM

Hi Adrian,

I'd avoid the config script and do it the manual way - that version of the script might still have a couple of bugs(I have a newer version that needs some tidying up before I make it available)

The script is more useful to people who are connecting large numbers of Mahoodle sites rather than a single site.

you should probably follow the manual instructions here:

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