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12 September 2010, 3:48 AM

I apologize for what is almost certainly a stupid question. I tried to translate Mahara to Russian and do it manually. I put langpacks/ru.utf in Mahara data directory. In my opinion i did everything according to the instructions, but  the language of website does not change.

I put zip file in my view for review (

Thank in advance!

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13 September 2010, 5:06 AM

  1. I downloaded your translation pack
  2. Added it to langpacks/ru.utf8
  3. Then I went to Site Administration -> Configure Site -> Site Options (tab)
  4. In Language select box I selected Русский
  5. Clicked Update site options button

and the site was in Russian language. BTW: I've noticed that Administration is still in English - the translation isn't complete?

Regards, Gregor

13 September 2010, 6:15 AM

Dear Ilicheva Sveta,

I installed you translation on my Mahara without any problem.

On your side, don't forget to change the right on the folder you placed in the maharadata-langpacks folder with something like :

chown -R www-data:www-data pathToYourMaharaDataFolder/langpacks/ru.utf8
chmod -R 775 pathToYourMaharaDataFolder/langpacks/ru.utf8

Sometimes your server's or browser's cache won't see the change for a while. So clean the cache and you should get the option to change the language in

    Configure Site->Site Settings->Language


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21 February 2011, 11:18 AM

Hello Sveta, that is a great translation job, well done! It is obviously great to have Russian translation of Mahara to make it popular ePortfolio platform in Russian-speaking countries as well.

I have requested a ru_ru repositary creation on Gitorious and going to push there what you have done so far preserving your authorship. I noticed that you have not changed the copyright header of the files you have already translated, so I am wondering how would you like to have the author and copyright header fields like? Do not worry about changing the files, just let me know what I should specify in author and copyright bits and I will bulk-update all the files you translated.

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22 February 2011, 2:30 PM

Hello, Ruslan! Thanks for the kind words! I'm going to resume job in one month. By the way, what exactly I should specify?

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23 February 2011, 7:32 AM

Hi Sveta, it is needed to change author and copyright fileds in the header. In most files these fileds look like:

* @package    mahara
* @subpackage core
* @license GNU GPL
* @author     Catalyst IT Ltd
* @copyright  (C) 2006-2009 Catalyst IT Ltd

When you are adding completely new file to Mahara or doing language translation, you may need to amend header so that it will reflect your authorship. This is an example taken from Czech translation done by David Mudrak:

* @package mahara
* @subpackage lang/cs.utf8
* @license GNU GPL
* @author David Mudrak
* @copyright (C) 2009 onwards David Mudrak

If you have been doing that being employed by someone, it is a good practice to mention your company in copyright statement. Othervice you may mention yourself in the copyright filed as well or remove it completely.

Basically, just let me know what to put there and I will amend all the files you have done so far and push them to ru_ru langpack git repositary. By the way, did you consider using GUI translation interface? It is now up to date with Mahara 1.3 and quite useful for translation, though you might also need to familiarize yourself with GIT.

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