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Tutors to create New Forums

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08 September 2010, 4:46 PM

First - thanks to you all for a great piece of software, supportive community and prompt advice.  I'm so pleased to be interacting with and learning from you all.

I notice that with the Tutor role does not allow them to create New Forums, only add New Topics.  Regular members can also add New Topics.  I wonder if we can change the permissions, to allow Tutors to add New Forums?  Can we also allow regular members to create New Forums?

I'm using 1.3.0cr, in case this happens to be a bug.

I'd be interested in other's experiences... perhaps there is a reason Tutors and Members cannot create New Forums?

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12 September 2010, 5:09 PM

Hi Tim

A possible problem with allowing users to create new forums is that new forums could be created when a new post to the forum is more suitable. This would result in content being spread over various forums and hard to locate.

It is a bit like the allowing of the creation of a new blog  resulted in lots of blogs being created where a new post to an existing blog would be better. The addition of new blogs option is no longer the default setting - it is an option that can be chosen by users.

The same approach could be taken for forums too - allowing the addition of new forums as an option. As long as the admin can delete an inappropriate forum then allowing new forums would be beneficial.

I think tutors should be able to create new forums as an option too.






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