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SMTP Mail settings

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05 September 2010, 10:01 PM


I found this in the readme:

If you're unable to send mail this way and unable to configure the mail program properly, you could try using the SMTP sending facility of Mahara - look in config-defaults.php for the settings required, copy them to config.php and set them accordingly.

But I feel a bit silly as I can't locate the config-defaults file and the config-dist file has no refs to smtp setting. 

Any further guidance available for Mahara 1.2.4?

I have added cfg->smtphosts and cfg->noreplyaddress values to the config.php file but no mail, eg from the contact form.  Cron is running.



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05 September 2010, 10:30 PM

Hi Richard

config-defaults.php is in the lib directory.  Anything in there can be overridden by copying the setting to config.php.

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