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Seeing Views by the Public

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05 September 2010, 5:27

Lately I have created Views and they do not show to be seen in a  Public View . Yes I have done everything correctly. Can you help ??????

Much appreciated


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05 September 2010, 6:31

Hi Cyndy,

here come some thoughts howto solve your problems :-)

Did you check the site options for public views?

 public views   Yes  No  Help

If set to yes, users will be able to create portfolio Views that are accessable to the public rather than only to logged in users

What´s about the Edit View access for your views? Do you see the  Add  "Public" Button? Do you see the Public block in the Added area?

Did you "save" your settings?

Feel free to ask more details :-)

Cheers Heinz

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05 September 2010, 8:23

Hi Cyndy,


I have lso aexperienced a few quirks. I don't know the reason, but this is just what I have found. You should only apply one permission e.g. public but not public and secret URL (even if it is ok only one will work). Don't set dates, this has caused problems. Finally if all else fails copy the view, and reset to public. You also need to make sure settings are correct as per Heinz's post. I have found some students have no trouble, then some views are a problem. Other times you are forced to login to see a public view. Ian

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28 September 2010, 3:21

Hi guys,

I am totally new to mahara, strugling to install since last 2 weeks. But at last manage to install successfully on centos 5.4.

Now as i am trying to view mahara from antother pc (http:\\\mahara) then mahara site is not coming in proper order, i mean no logos no background ..only simple text.

Please guide me what i am missing at my centos box to configure, i did choosed yes ..on allow public.

still now ok...please your help would be appreciated. thanks in advance...Rafiq

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21 October 2010, 12:12

I am also looking for the same information.New to mahara.

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