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Community access to course groups

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07 September 2010, 16:43

Hi Keith,

Yes, it's easy to distinguish the group types - it should be pretty obvious when you get a chance to look at the group table.

There will be a number of places where groups are displayed and I couldn't give you a complete list/. But off the top of my head, you'll have to check the find groups page and the group members block.  You may also notice that there are quite a lot of places where group-owned views will be listed or  displayed along with a link to the group (but if you can trust members of secret groups not to make views available to everyone else this shouldn't be a problem).

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20 September 2010, 14:43

One solution i've implemented on our installation (just moments ago), was in the  Access settings for a view.  I modified the code that displays available groups to add to the access list, so that only those groups the person is a member in are displayed.  It was a simple modification.


line: 47


$data = search_group($query, $limit, $offset, '');


$data = search_group($query, $limit, $offset, 'member');


Controlled groups still appear in the Find Groups panel... but I'll be looking at that next.  The above modification greatly simplifies the access settings available to students, showing them only the groups to which they are members. 

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21 September 2010, 8:33

I'd just like to find a means to preven the list of Group Members from being displayed in the main groups listings. Any idea where that little piece of code is?

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