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Use Mahara with Joomla! CMS?

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02 December 2008, 8:44 PM

Firstly, amazing open source software!!

I just have a quick question, can I use Mahara with Joomla! Content Management System?

 Is there any documentation on installing Mahara with Joomla! or any other CMS?

 Thanks a lot!

Andrei -

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02 December 2008, 10:05 PM

Hi - when you say "use with", what exactly are you meaning? They can certainly sit on the same server side by side.

Are you talking about linked user accounts/single sign on? Closer integration such as sharing data? 

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08 December 2008, 11:22 PM

I am also looking to implement this, Mahara is a great peice of software, but it cannot replace the functionality/templates of my current site. I want compliment my site with Mahara using SSO. To accomplish this I need SSO from Joomla to Mahara.


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09 December 2008, 12:13 AM

Mahara implements MNET, which is a protocol for performing SSO. It's used between Mahara and Moodle, and there's also some development mahara/drupal SSO code lying around somewhere. Joomla could probably be made to work with it, though it would be a reasonably significant effort - SSO isn't a simple task. More complicated integrations would take longer again.

Does Joomla have some kind of inbuilt system or API for doing SSO? 

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15 December 2008, 5:29 PM

Joomla is built upon an extendable framework, included in this is the ability to add authentication plugins.

An example/explanation can be seen here

I'm going to have a look at the Moodle MNET documentation tonight, but you are right, its a huge amount of work.

I'll settle for single sign in from Joomla to Mahara. I'll try redirect expired sessions from Mahara back to the Joomla login page.

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12 March 2009, 8:59 AM

I have Mahara running at root with Joomla! 1.5 and use the wrapper function. There is no single sign on and I still need to mod the Mahara templete but it works... you may also want to checkout the joomoo someone has set up sso between moodle and joomla! 1.0 or 1.5 Take a look at - where you'll find the JooMoo component which combines Moodle and Joomla into a single sign-on.

01 November 2009, 10:36 AM

I combined Moodle and Mahara and then Moodle with Joomla using JFusion. It works nicely- I'm just working on figuring out the Mahara theme so that it looks integrated....

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02 December 2009, 6:40 AM

Hi Nigel,

 you're talking about some developpemnt mahara/drupal SSO code lying around.

I'm currently developping a site web using drupal, and I would like to integrate Mahara and Kaltura in it. I have no problems implementing Kaltura in drupal, but I wonder how i can integrate mahara within my website.

I read some posts describing technical difficulties in associating Mahara and drupal, and I can't even find how to integrated Mahara alone in Drupal. 

 Any thoughts on how I can get this done?

 Thank you!

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31 July 2010, 5:36 AM

i think as well you can use it with joomla, i read about it on other forums how to do it, i remember i found one with detail descriptoion how to use it withjoomla. I should have a look and i will let you know how to do it, if  i find link i would let you know.

Thank you



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04 February 2011, 4:08 PM

I have successfully built several sites using SSO with Joomla/Moodle so I don't think it's a huge stretch of the imagination to say if you can get Moodle and Mahara to play, you can probably get Joomla and Moodle and Mahara to play.

I use Joomdle to link Joomla & Moodle and have sponsored some development to integrate the HSBC CPI system with Virtuemart, allowing a user to purchase courses via the existing payment systems supported by Joomdle and also the HSBC gateway which is much more professional  (and cheaper in many high volume sites as well) than paypal/worldpay etc.

I'm looking into doing this three way integration for a training website we're building so if anyone's got all or part way there, would be good to hear from you :)



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