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Moodle Assigment Module

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25 August 2010, 0:13

We've had an SSO intergrated Mahoodle install for a while now and have started to look at using Mahara for assignment submissions.


I have managed to setup all the bits according to the instructions and have subscribed to the mnet module and the assignment type.


We can setup the assignment ok but when we go to view the assignment we get the following error:


RPC mod/mahara.rpclib.php/get_views_for_user:


Parse error in payload: Mismatched tag At line number: 5 which reads:


And there is nothing else printed out for the error. Does SSO need to be setup both ways or is it enough to go from Moodle -> Mahara which is what we currently have?


We are running Moodle 1.9.8+ (Build: 20100414) and Mahara 1.2.4



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25 August 2010, 23:27

Hi Mark,

SSO in the Moodle -> Mahara direction is all you need; the error you are getting is an unrelated bug (but I don't know what's causing it).

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26 September 2010, 7:59



No, unfortunately it didn't fix it.

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