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Mahara-Moodle Assignment errors

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08 August 2010, 21:20

Hello all

I have SSO working perfectly from Moodle 1.9.9 to Mahara 1.2.5

I wanted to enable students to submit their Mahara views to Moodle as "Mahara portfolio assignment" so I followed the instructions here:

In Moodle, I am able to get into Add Assignments --> Mahara portfolio and type in the settings for the assignment. But as soon as I click on "Save and Display", Firefox prompts me

"You have chosen to open modedit.php which is a PHP Document" and attempts to save it!

When I use Safari, I get this error message:

"Safari can’t open the page “” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection"

Could anyone advice?

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09 August 2010, 3:49

Ok I solved the problem by deleting the version of the Assignment type module I downloaded from

and replaced it with the one from

Not sure what the difference is but seems to work now

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