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29 January 2009, 12:13


I'm helping a school district evaluate Mahara, and I have a question about how we can send portfolio content home with graduating students. We would like to be able to push a magic button, download/copy something to an optical disc, and send the student home with a useful copy of her portfolio for enjoyment through many years to come.

There's obviously no expectation that this exported portfolio would be directly importable anywhere else, the emphasis is on making it easy for the (former) student to view the content and retain it as a backup.

 Is there anything like this in the works? Is this a feature that interests anyone else?

FWIW, I have Mahara all set up with Moodle SSO and that all went quite well (though with some hiccups related to https).



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29 January 2009, 12:51

Hey Matt! LTNS :)

I'm currently working on some import/export stuff - Mahara is a partner for the LEAP JISC work.  LEAP is an atom based portfolio standard, which we're getting on board with.

As we're doing this though, we're also going to be developing a standalone (X)html export.  You can expect to see both these export formats in Mahara 1.2.  The LEAP export should be importable both into Mahara, and some other portfolio systems (see for a list of the partners), but as you expect, the (X)HTML export won't be, just viewable in a browser.

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