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Bulk upload via CSV - still emails users

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09 July 2010, 14:33

Just wondered if anyone exerienced a problem with adding users via CSV and the email notification being sent, regardless of whether you check the box to notify users.  In my tests, the users always receive an email.  is there a preference setting somewhere else that needs to be changed?  Any leads would be appreciated. 

Thanks,  Mary Beth

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11 August 2010, 3:51

Yes, I have experienced the same and accidentally sent an e-mail to 350 students from our test server. Very annoying!

I'll file a bug report.



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11 August 2010, 15:25

Thanks, Juergen, I really appeciate it.  We worked around the issue by editing the config.php file.

$cfg->sendemail = false;

We then changed it back after doing a bulk CSV upload.  Thanks again!

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