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How to show navigation bar at frontpage (without login)

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29 January 2009, 1:26 AM

In this site, I look that navigation bar (Home, About, etc) always shown, although user not login. How to implement this? I want navigation bar "Home" always shown in my mahara site. Which file I need to edit to get that?
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29 January 2009, 6:28 AM

Hi - the templates are stored in theme/default/templates. They are smarty templates. header.tpl is the one that handles the top of the page, you can edit that one to change how the navigation displays.

You might also need to make changes to the smarty() function in lib/web.php, depending on what you try to do with the navigation. In's case, the menu at the top is different from the standard Mahara menu (which has been moved to being in a sideblock on the right). The top menu was done by adding some code similar to what generates the main menu.

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