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Two separate LDAP and XMLRPC

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01 July 2010, 22:01

Is it possible to tie in two separate ldap authentication plugins to a single xmlrpc plugins.

Why I raise this is because in your university we have two different ldaps working, one for staff and one for students.

Currently I can only configure one xmlrpc to one ldap as parent therefore regardless where users logs in from Moodle or Mahara they see the same profile. So here I have to make a choice either configure students and staff.

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02 July 2010, 4:24

Have a look at Penrose Virtual Directory.<>

Penrose Virtual Directory is a lightweight and flexible server which creates a bridge between LDAP, database, Active Directory, and NIS servers, and any application which stores its content in databases or directory services, and combines the information from all of these separate data sources into a single, LDAP-style directory. The entries and hierarchy of this directory tree are created dynamically as operations come into the server, based on predefined directory configuration parameters and mapping rules for entries and attributes. Since data are not copied to a central source, just pulled as necessary, this is a virtual directory.


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