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ID are missing from VIEWs

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27 June 2010, 20:22

Hi, there

I am facing a problem that "id" property  is missing when a view is displayed. What I was trying to do is to add internal link within a view. I added a blank "a" link like <a id="act1"></a> in the place where user should be direct to. However, when I was viewing the page, the "a" tag becomes <a></a>. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

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27 June 2010, 22:12

Hi Aaron,

This is probably being filtered out by HTML Purifier. Have you tried using <a name="act1"> instead?



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29 June 2010, 0:59

The "name" attribute is not allowed as well by default. We figured out that we can simply add $config->set('HTML.EnableAttrID',1); to clean_html() function under lib/web.php to allow "id" attribute to be used.

Thank you Francois!

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