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Automatic upload according to filename

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23 June 2010, 2:31

I wonder how automatically upload files into each user-space.

We prepared a rails soft which can scan bar-codes on paper-sheets and transform them into files named according to each bar-code data.

For example, paper-sheet which has bar-code signifying 0201132 is transformed a pdf-file naming 0201132.pdf. The number may be the same as user-id. Actually we use student-number as user-id of mahara.

Using this software we create many pdf-files.

And, I want to upload each files automatically upload to "My files" space of each users. User-id could be read from the filename fo pdf.

How can I achieve automatical upload (file-delivery). Or I must develop any software for automatical upload according to each name of files.

I will wait for hints.

Daiji Endoh





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