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Cant get SSO to work

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15 June 2010, 4:39

Hello Folks

I am having problems getting mahoodle to work. I have a 1.9.8 Moodle and a 1.2.4 Mahara installation running on a Redhat box. Both are test installs and can not be accessed over the internet.

Following the MahoodleSetup PDF (Which i have used successfully before) i get as far as clicking on the Mahara link in the Network server block and being presented with

 Sorry, could not log you in :(

Sorry, we could not log you into Mahara at this time. Please try again shortly, and if the problem persists, contact your administrator

and then not being able to log out of the Moodle site either.

Does anyone know where i could start looking to resolve this>



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