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Template files cached while theming?

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07 June 2010, 5:36

I've been trying to create a theme for Mahara, however, the template files seem to be getting cached somewhere.

For example, one of the simple things I need to do is to change the logo in the header.tpl file, however after changing the markup and uploading the file when I refresh the page nothing happens.  Viewing the generated source confirms that no changes have been made.

I decided that perhaps it was a conflict with the raw theme so I created a copy of that, renamed it and removed the $theme->parent='raw'; from the themeconfig.php, but even this file seems to be cached as the changes are not reflected when I re-upload it.  So even though this is a new theme, without a parent theme set, when I view the generated source no changes have been made.

Are there any config settings that flush out the theme cache?  Or is the cache lifetime defined anywhere?

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