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one moodle, many mahara institutions?

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07 June 2010, 2:37

Hi there,

we have one large moodle serving 35 + schools (2000 + users) with SSO to one Mahara.  Some schools (K12) want the ability to administer their own students, so that the portfolios can be jointly owned by the school and the learner, not just the learner as is at present.   I see two possible solutions - could someone point me in the right direction please?

#1  Create a seperate institution for each school. - Problem can one moodle SSO to many Mahara institutions - if so how is the correct institution for each user configured?

#2 Using groups.  Would it be possible to have a group for each school and then configure a role that is similar to the administrator role, but just for the group members.

#3 Develop and implement user policies that 'enforce' joint ownership - so the learners understand that the portfolio is a reflection of both themselves and the institution.

I'm not really bothered which solution will work, as long as it works.  The aim is to develop the notion of joint insititution ownership, but still enable SSO from one shared Moodle.

Many thanks in advance,




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22 July 2010, 4:11

Dear Trevor,

I'm in the process of realising a similar  configuration at the University of Vienna.

We also want to create one institution for every school and use SSO authentication.

In order to assign the right school to every student, we are planning to pre-fill the institutions by importing a list of students as a CSV file, but the import seems to be buggy.  :(

I wonder what your experiences are with this type of setup.




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23 August 2010, 17:41


We are also looking to have SSO from a single Moodle Install to multiple institutions within a single Mahara install.

Pardon my ignorance but Mahara does not seem to allow to add the same WWW root with the message stating: WWW root already in use by another institution.

How have you guys set up your multiple institutions with SSO from one Moodle install?



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19 March 2012, 8:34

Hi all

This post is quite old, but i wonder if you could find a solution to manage multiple institutions with SSO from one Moodle install ?

Any advice would be appreciated,



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