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03 June 2010, 4:59 AM



I have recently been put in charge of managing a server running moodle and mahara and have been faced with a problem with mahara im having a hard time fixing.


Our mahara install is ment to link the same user accounts to moodle but how ever this has broken. I tried just making accounts on mahara and it is unable to do so because the email system is also broken. I am intending on rebuilding the server but I need to have mahara working in some form in the mean time.


I know there’s a line to go into config.php to disable the email system but I cant find where in config.php it’s ment to go. Would anyone be able to point me into the right area of config.php?




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09 June 2010, 10:44 PM

There are two options you can put in config.php to control how emails get sent:

$cfg->sendemail = false;
$cfg->sendallemailto = '';

All available options are listed in lib/config-defaults.php



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