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Creating Artefacts while Creating Views

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30 May 2010, 18:31

One thing that has been annoying for me is when I want to create a view, and as I'm doing it I realize that I have not created the instance of an artefact that I want in that View. For example, if it's a blog that I want, I would love to be able to create a new blog as I'm creating a new view, so that I don't have to cancel the new View, go back to My Blogs and create it, then return to create the View. Does anyone have any ideas or comments on this idea? I know it seems kind of lazy, but I think that it would be a real convenience for users.

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30 May 2010, 20:10

Hi Vail

This sounds like a good idea - when you add a file to a view there is an option to upload a file - this is a similar idea.

You can also add content from your profile such as resume and skills details without there needing to have any content in them.


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09 June 2010, 23:45

Hi, inline editing as you describe is on the roadmap for this year.



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