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git with eclipse

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29 May 2010, 2:59

I'm trying to get set up so that I can compare my own code base with git, and I've hit a problem. eclipse has egit installed and seems to be working correctly but gave no projects to install.

OK - I can answer my own question, so I'll post this forinformation ...

egit will quite happily cloan the repository, but it does not finish the job. Having got to the final page of the import, 'Select All' even though there is nothing to select, then the Finish button will appear. Next step is to create a new php project ( PHPEclipse in use obviously ) and pick up the mahara workspace. Finally right click-> Team -> Share Project and select git.

All then seems to be working correctly, at least as far as I can test.

The one thing that I want to investigate is something that SVN on Eclipse does NOT seem to support, and that is a simple compare of the local copy of a file with the latest commited copy from the repository. I rely extensivly on this in CVS and it allows me to check other peoples work or maintain local variations. SVN insists on 'syncing' and refuses to dispaly a simple diff - at least I've not found I way to do this as yet!

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