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Custom SSO from Portal

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28 May 2010, 9:22


        I'm trying to create a single sign on page for Mahara, Moodle, Zimbra, and so on.  Is what I'm doing is having the users enter login information on a page that authenticates with an LDAP database.  This info gets stored in session variables.  They then see a page with buttons that if clicked take them to their respective accounts.  Moodle button goes to Moodle and auto logs in.  Zimbra button calls a script to take them to zimbra and log them in.  Mahara not so easy.  The buttons take the session variables and posts them like a form when the buttons are clicked.  In moodle I call the login script moodle uses with the variables and it logs them in.  Can this be done with Mahara.  I see Maharas login page posts to itself.  Anyone tried anything like this?  Thanks


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