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20 May 2010, 6:58 AM

I understand that when a person is allowed to see another persons view a message is generated which includes a link to that view. Also that you are able to add views to a watchlist and get messages when it is changes. But all of these revolve around email.As a result

Is there a page or something within Mahara that lists all the Views that you are able to see or all the views that are on your watchlist (or both! :D)


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23 May 2010, 4:54 PM

Hi Matthew

It is possible to change how different types of messages are delivered to you - the choices are email, email digest (daily email with all messages) and activity log. You can choose Watchlist messages to be delivered to the Activity log on mahara rather than email.

Select Settings > Activity preferences for the options

The views that are listed under My Views are views that are created by the user. There is not a screen that shows all views that you have access to or that are on your watchlist.

There has been a feature request put in March 2010 at that requested something similar. I have added the ability to filter the view list by watchlist.





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