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Installation Problems

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29 April 2010, 4:11

Hi all, 

I'm having problems installing Mahara, we're trying to run it on IIS with MySQL on another server. Anyhoo to the point.

It gets to the installing Mahara page with the long list of things it's going to do, but, it fails on the first one (core).

When I check the MySQL database it's managed to create 96 tables in there so I don't think it's a problem with that but, I can't see any other reason for it to be failing.

Any ideas?

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30 April 2010, 7:27

i found that i needed to add in a fileinfo php extension into php.ini 

You may have not got this extension so you will need the PECL extensions.

let me know how you get on

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12 October 2010, 10:20


I am experiencing the same problem. The page hangs on installing core. 96 tables are created but the install page just hangs. When I refresh, it says "nothing to upgrade". I then get to the admin page but none of the links work.




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19 October 2010, 17:55

Marc, If you're only getting 96 tables, there's definitely something wrong with the installation.  It sounds like the installer is creating the core tables but hanging before it can create the plugin tables.

Are there any useful messages appearing in your webserver log around the time the install page hangs?

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