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20 January 2009, 11:32

Is there a way in Mahara to open the network for all to view without haing to log in first, I would like it open to the public to view all peoples groups and portfolios.

this leads me onto the search features, I ntoiced you can only search users, I would like a broader search to focus on document uplaoded Resumes everything else as well. any ideas or help on this one?


So far the installation and running of the system ah been good, I am very impressed!

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20 January 2009, 18:38


No, currently there is no way to open the network to the general public. However, Mahara 1.1 will allow you to make groups public (on a group by group basis), which will allow the public to browse around group memberships and group forums.

Search is an interesting problem - everyone's data is private by default, which makes searching very hard because we have to respect what things people can see through the Views system. So for example, you can't just search everyone's resume - you can only search resume details that have been put in views that you can see (the same logic applies to files, blogs..).

Nevertheless, it is a problem worth solving, and hopefully one day we can build a useful search for inside Mahara.

Glad things are going well for your install. All the best! Cool

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