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08 April 2010, 12:41


I've been searching the forums for something like this but I couldn't find it: I'm wondering if it is possible to include or embed a view inside the front page for my mahara instance? Is it possible to embed a view inside a page that does not belong to my mahara instance?


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08 April 2010, 19:04


In Mahara 1.3, each user will have their own customizable Dashboard view on the Mahara homepage that will show recent updates such as messages, forum posts, and friend requests. There is currently no way to embed a site view or other public view in the home page, however.

Right now the best way to post site annoucements that all user's see upon logging in is to edit the home page content using the admin interface. In the future we might consider adding an "announcements" blocktype for dashboard views, or even modifying the home page so that it displays a site view as well as the user's dashboard view.



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12 April 2010, 7:18

This is the most important feature of all! if you can'tĀ customizeĀ a view for the front page, what good are views for then?!

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