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Mahara 1.2 change database from mysql to postgres

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25 March 2010, 7:29

We are testing Mahara for the use in bavarian secondary schools called Realschule. in the beginning we start with mysql. Is there any possibility  to migrate form a mysql-Database to postgres. 

I tried to make a dump of the mysql database with

mysqldump --opt -c --compatible=postgresql portfolio > maharaforpostgres.sql

but i cannot import it in postgres due to several failures in the dump.

We use mahara 1.2 on SLES 11 (mysql 5.0.67, php 5.2.6, postgres 8.3.5) 


  • Do you use the same SQL-Syntax in creation of the tables for both mysql and postgres?
  • Is it at all possible to migrate form one to the other db-type?
  • Is there another way for the migration, such as export user an portfolios, reinstall blank with postgres, import userdata?





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25 March 2010, 8:44

Guten Tag Markus,

herzliche Grüße vom Maintainer des German Langpack ;-)

("Hello Markus,

greetings from the maintainer of the German langpack)


Nigel always recommends postgresql Cool; why did you start with mysql?

I am not a sql guru, but many guys here in the forum will give you additional advices.

If you use Mahara 1.2x you will find a exportfunction for E-Portfolios and in the admin area a import function. Uunfortunately there is in the moment no bulk export/import function (coming soon :-D )

Cheers Heinz

PS do you know about the group?

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25 March 2010, 10:12

Danke für die Information.

(Thank you for your informations.)

 I know about the German Forum. But i want to ask all! 

On our Startserver we don't have the right postgres Version to work with Mahara. So i have to use MySQL. Now after an upgrade form SLES 9 to SLES10/11 on our Production Servers we able to use postgres.  I don't wanna loose any data, but i want to use postgres for the rollout planed later. A lot of data is already in the database. A lot of work for our users. 

We use postgres  on our heavy load Servers for about 80 Realschulen in Bavaria. It did fine on postgres 7.3 and now on 8.3. So i can say that Nigel is right about his comments. In fact of heavy load the new postgres 8.3 performs very well. 

So I search for the possibility to switch to postgres.  In fact of an rollout it is best to work on the same database as our moodle (on postgres) 

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