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24 March 2010, 3:30

Greetings. I have a fresh install of Mahara-1.2.3 on a Fedora 12 LAMP (Postgres, SELinux disabled). Accessing the site locally works fine. I have not created a virtual host as it's the only web service running. I have no issue connecting to the database via the LAN. However, when I attempt to access the site over my LAN I get a partial page. Basically it's white, with just text and links, with no CSS at all. Additionally the Login link is just text. This is my second run-through with this, and find this bewildering. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

 Many thanks

Christian Blessing

Mont'Kiara International School

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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24 March 2010, 16:34

Hi Christian,

When you see that, It's usually an incorrectly specified wwwroot. You should edit the config.php file, and make sure $cfg->wwwroot is the same url you are using to access the site.  If there's a row in the config table of your database for wwwroot, fix that too (or you can just delete the row).


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24 March 2010, 22:35


Thanks for your quick and useful reply. My confiig.php was fine. The fix was in Postgres. I initially deleted the row, which pointed to the localhost, with no change, so recreated the row. I then changed the value to be the actual IP of the server, and it seems fine now.

 Again, many thanks.


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