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22 March 2010, 9:45

Hi there,

i'm working at the the University of Teacher Education Thurgau (PHTG). We are using mahara for a few months. 

We have a little problem: Some students have to write a blog for a special period. They are coached by tutors. At a point of time they have to submit their blog for assessment (as a kind of exercise). The problem is now: If a whole blog is part of a view and this view is submitted for assessment the author can still add posts to the blog. At the same time the submitted blog is also updated. In our point of view the students should not add any posts or edit existing posts. This should only be possible for the students if the tutor releases the view. Is there any solution for our problem?

Best regards Oli 

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22 March 2010, 11:12

Hallo Oliver,

greetings from the Black forest (Herzliche Grüße)

there is no way to prevent htat studensts can add postings or edit postings during a view is submitted.

If you think confidence is a problem I would print the view after time ofr submit has passed.

Feel free to ask details thru a German E-Mail ;-)

Liebe Grüße


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22 March 2010, 17:02

Hi Oliver,

It's not possible to stop users adding or even editing posts that appear in submitted views yet.  However the good news is that we may get funding to implement this feature later on this year.


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23 March 2010, 3:04

Hi Richard,

thanks for the good news Smile

Best regards Oli

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